HotSpot Shield has been accused of spying on their user’s traffic

The Center for Democracy and Technology, a privacy advocacy group said that the company has been using “unfair and deceptive business practices”.

The free Virtual private network (VPN) of the HotSpot Shields company had a good reputation in protecting the privacy of its users, but an indictment could put the application with more than 70 million downloads in the line of fire. The Center for democracy and technology (CDT) has stated that HotSpot Shields has been spying on its user’s traffic.


The accusation presented on Monday, 7 August says that usage registers are used by the company to inquire about users navigation data and identify other types of information used for advertising.

Lawyers filed a complaint after conducting a joint study with the Carnegie Mellon University Research Center to confirm that HotSpot Shields had been using “unfair and deceptive business practices”.